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How to choose the site keywords?

2012-07-17 14:33:33 Website Name Read
     The site keywords is the core of SEO optimization, keyword selection will directly affect the site optimization promotion effects and the value of the site, choose keywords should note the following points:
  1. Consider the user search habits, rather than the business name or product name, especially for a new product to market, no one knows when, naturally no one to search for that keyword, so choose the keywords you should first analyze your target group will search in search engines which keywords you should choose the keywords related to your product and your sales to help.
  2. SMEs do not avoid their own company name or brand as the main keywords, because a lot of people in your target group is not heard of your company and brands, small businesses to make products for SMEs, the customer are generally the products and services to understand your company and brand, so the site keywords set to company name, you can not achieve good marketing results.
  3. Key words should not be too long, too long keywords rarely will someone searches; traffic should not be too hot, the traffic too much search, the more competition the more intense; keywords can not be too upset, upset key visits of the key words in the word routed to the first is not how many people will search access, the specific reference to Baidu index.
  4. Encountered popular keywords, the best in the keywords in front of or behind with geographical restrictions, such as steel doors and windows, the keyword competition is very intense, but Changsha plastic doors and windows do better, and if you do business with geographical restrictions and other local search to your site did not make much sense.
  5. Title Keywords should be controlled between 1-3, after the fourth key word is more popular, or add multiple keywords in the title is no sense, but will affect the main keyword rankings.
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