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MetInfo Enterprises Website What are the advantages?

2012-07-17 14:55:39 Website Name Read
  1. Lower prices: website development company developed the system, the development costs in general will be a thousand dollars, even if a website development company has developed a system establishment of the station, the customer's individual needs also need the secondary development, the use of MetInfo enterprise websitemanagement system to meet the functional requirements of the vast majority of corporate websites, and the cost is very low, even zero;
  2. Better, the system is more secure: MetInfo enterprise website management system has many users (March 2012 more than 100,000 installed capacity), a variety of testing of the operating environment, thus contributing to the system functions, and continue to improve and upgrade continuous improvement, and more stable operation and security;
  3. The website has a sales force: With MetInfo enterprise website management system built-in SEO optimization mechanism and a static page generation capabilities, such as to make the site easier to be extended more easily indexed by search engines, easier to enhance the keywords;
  4. Technical support services: based on user selected service level, m extension of official technical support forum business users, QQ \ MSN, email, telephone technical support, and will not lead to code no one to maintain the company's transformation of the establishment of the station and upgrades;
  5. Exchange is more convenient: MetInfo enterprise website management system 100% open source, has a huge user base, the user can be in the official forums and other ways to communicate with each other;
  6. Easier to replace the site style: Use MetInfo enterprise website management system establishment, with excellent reception template allows the front desk to see all controlled by the background, allowing users to manage the site with ease; when companies want to replace a web site style, self-developed system and website development need to re-design is different is that companies only need to re-design the website style, without having to re-add the data and the development of a website background;
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