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    iPad make you want it. It is your web browser, your inbox, your favorite novel, the more you realize that the stay at home, you can talk face to face with distant friends. It often Incident seldom do more intelligent, more intuitive, and fun.

    1. Detailed information
    Quick glance
    High-speed WLAN or cellular network data connection, add A5X chip quad-core graphics processing, let the page load or reload a snap.
    Concentrate on reading
    Just tap the icon of the reader, messy information instantly disappear, so that you can only see the article. Do not have enough time to read? You can link to the article in your reading list later.
    Sharing site
    If you see an interesting web page and would like to share, easy for you to complete. Simply tap to open the menu, e-mail will be issued by the web links.
    Safari and iCloud
    The iCloud Let the reading list and bookmarks are automatically kept up to date on all your equipment. Interrupt the operation of a device on another device.
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